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IFTA Journal

The IFTA Journal is published annually. It is collated by a committee of IFTA colleagues. The IFTA Journal is essential reading for academics, students and practitioners of technical analysis in all arenas. It is an excellent reference source for those interested in technical analysis, containing a wealth of resource material.

The annual IFTA Journal publishes original, well-documented papers  and articles on a diverse range of topics related to the technical  analysis of financial and commodity markets. The IFTA Journal provides colleagues and interested persons with continuing education in technical analysis. The broad editorial content helps colleagues remain informed of the developments and leading body of work in technical analysis.

The Journal is soliciting contributions for its next publication in 2014.  For a copy of the Call for Papers, Advertising Rate Card & Application or Publication Schedule, please download here. For questions, please contact journal -a-

Editorial and Readership Course Profile

The  IFTA Journal is the only international journal of technical analysis reaching a global audience of interested and dedicated practitioners of technical analysis throughout the financial community. It is received and read by analysts, fund managers, financial writers and other decision makers  throughout the international financial industry.

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