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 The Egyptian Society of Technical Analysts ( ESTA )

Technical analysis is a security analysis discipline for forecasting the future direction of prices through the study of charts of past market data, primarily price and volume.

The Egyptian Society of Technical Analysts (ESTA) is the first professional technical analysis society in the Middle East.

ESTA is a non-profit organization founded in 2000 by Mr. Amr Dabbous and Mr. Ayman Waked with the aim to disseminate & teach the science of technical analysis all around Egypt. 

ESTA is a full member of the International Federation of Technical Analysts (IFTA), and that placed the Egyptian Society of Technical Analysts (ESTA) as one of the top societies around the globe, along with STA (England), NTAA (Japan) & ATAA (Australia).

 ESTA has done a lot of achievements through the past ten years with the efforts of the distinguished ESTA members & they all were working as volunteers for the sake of achieving the society's targets & goals. Here are some of ESTA achievements  

1.  Dissemination of technical analysis in Egypt significantly and effectively as well as the creation of demand on the profession of technical analyst by Arab and Egyptian companies.  

2.  ESTA certificate (CETA) has become the third certificate around the world after Japan & Australia's certificates that is accredited to be equivalent to the international Certificate of the international Federation of Technical Analysts (CFTe). 

3.  ESTA has become one of the biggest societies worldwide and has acquired great credibility in Egypt and abroad. 

4.  The number of its members grew from seven members to more than 900 members within the past ten years that followed the Establishment of the Society. 

5.  The Trend course, an educational assembly of 1000 participants in the largest conference hall in Egypt, organized by Trend Company led by Mr.Karim Shalaby. 

6.  The courses provided by the Egyptian Society of Technical analysts have become one of the strongest courses in the world.  

7.   The participation in seminars and the annual exhibition of the stock market in the International Conference Center in Cairo. 


8.   As a result of ESTA efforts & credibility, Egypt was the first country in the Middle East to organize and host the annual conference of the International Federation of Technical Analysts in Sharm el-Sheikh in 2007. 

9.   ESTA has contributed to the creation and establishment of other Arab societies such as the Kuwaiti and Jordanian technical analysis societies. And it is currently assisting in the creation of the Saudi technical analysis society.  

10.  The opening of a new branch of ESTA in Alexandria where the members are given specialized courses.  

11.  ESTA has won a scientific recognition on technical analysis & succeeded in making an agreement with the Arab Academy for Science and Technology to incorporate technical analysis as a scientific material in its MBA of investment & finance, where some of the ESTA education committee members are actually teaching. 

12.  For the first time, ESTA has introduced technical analysis among the subjects taught in the Faculty of Economics and Political Science.  

13.  ESTA has also succeeded in making an agreement with the Union of Arab Banks to provide seminars on technical analysis within their own conferences.  

14.  As a result of the educational and professional training courses provided by the Egyptian society of technical analysts, new members became qualified to join the Education Committee and participate in educational activities of the Society.  

15.  ESTA has launched "the Trend 2 & Trend 3 courses", which is more advanced than "Trend 1 course", for those who passed the Trend 1 course and were not able to be one of the top 40 candidates who had excelled and had been qualified to participate in theESTA professional program, in order to enable a larger number of participants to benefit from the educational activity of the society.   

16.  ESTA is working on expanding its educational activity in various Egyptian cities like Alexandria, Assiut and Mansoura. And thus, it expands the selection of new members for the Education Committee.  

17.  ESTA is assisting its members to search in the field of technical analysis and follows-up their researches as well as providing them with references and will back their publicity process locally and internationally.  

18.  ESTA is working on issuing a local periodic magazine – as a first step –that aims at defining the Society and its activities as well as publishing Technical analysis articles for people who are interested in learning & knowing about technical analysis. ESTAmembers will be given the opportunity to participate in this magazine and get it for free. 

19.  ESTA has completed its website development to provide a lot of services for its members and facilitate their communication and exchange of ideas.   

20.  ESTA will work through its website to provide its members with local & international employment opportunities.  

21.  ESTA is keeping contact with specialized media channels interested in the technical analysis field and provide them with ESTA educated members to represent the technical analysis community in Egyptian newspapers and television channels and radio.  

22.  ESTA has developed its library & purchased more specialized books from abroad to enable its members to develop their knowledge and specially books of the international certificates. (CFTe)  

23.  ESTA members will be able to  apply for IFTA’s certificate of Certified Financial Technician (CFTe) Exams  

24.  ESTA provides 3 Days FREE preparation training  for Certified Financial Technician (CFTe)  Exam.  

25.  ESTA members have 25% Discounts on all ESTA educational programs, Library  access privileges and also quarterly newsletters.  

26.  ESTA members have 10% Discount on Equis products as attached list through "Trend" Company.  

27.  ESTA members have 10% Discount on Technical analysis books through "Trend"  Company. 

28.   ESTA  members have 75% Discount on Union Arab Banks seminars or training  

29.  ESTA members will be a member of The International Federation of Technical Analysts (IFTA) and be eligible to  receive      

1- The Annual IFTA journal which presents the best of IFTA’s research papers            

2- The Quarterly IFTA Newsletter keeps members and affiliate up-to-date with IFTA          activities 


We believe that the most important & difficult thing beyond success is to maintain it, thus, in order to achieve the ambitious goals of the society and for greater efficiency and excellence, we have constituted eleven committees including twenty nine members to carry out the different activities of the society. Please take a look at their details, goals & achievements in the home page in the upside bar with the title "Committees".  


To Become an ESTA member please Click Here.